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10.2Inch Huge Silicone Dildo

Material Silicone
Total Length 26cm/10.2inch
Insertable Length 19cm/7.5inch
Max Diameter 7.2cm/2.8inch
Weight: 1.05kg/2.31lb

9.25Inch Huge Girth Dildo

Material PVC
Total Length 23.5cm/9.25inch
Insertable Length 18cm/7.08inch
Max Diameter 6.5cm/2.55inch
Weight: 0.98kg/2.16lb

11Inch Huge Dildo Anal

Material PVC
Total Length 28cm/11.02inch
Insertable Length 24cm/9.44inch
Max Diameter 6.5cm/2.55inch
Weight: 0.97kg/2.13lb

11.2Inch Redhead Huge Dildo

Material PVC
Total Length 28.5cm/11.20inch
Insertable Length 21.5cm/8.45inch
Max Diameter 8cm/3.15inch
Weight: 1.315kg/2.89lb

9.5Inch Huge White Dildo

Material PVC
Total Length 24cm/9.5inch
Insertable Length 17 cm/6.7inch
Max Diameter 7cm/2.76inch
Weight: 0.96kg/2.11lb

10.2Inch Huge Thick Dildo

Material PVC
Total Length 26cm/10.26inch
Insertable Length 21 cm/8.27inch
Max Diameter 8cm/3.15inch
Weight: 1.25kg/2.75lb
giant dildo

9.64Inch Horse Dildos For Sale

Material Silicone
Total Length 24.5cm/9.64inch
Insertable Length 19.5cm/7.67inch
Max Diameter 5.3cm/2.08inch
Weight: 0.5kg/1.10lb
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8.85Inch Dog Dildo Anal

Material Silicone
Total Length 22.5cm/8.85inch
Insertable Length 20cm/7.87inch
Max Diameter 6.7cm/2.63inch
Weight: 0.74kg/1.63lb
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10.23Inch Dog Knot Dildo

Material Silicone
Total Length 26cm/10.23inch
Insertable Length 21.5cm/8.46inch
Max Diameter 5.7cm/2.24inch
Weight: 0.78kg/1.71lb
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10.82Inch Horse Sized Dildos

Material Silicone
Total Length 27.5cm/10.82inch
Insertable Length 22cm/8.66inch
Max Diameter 5.8cm/2.28inch
Weight: 0.7kg/1.54lb
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9.05Inch Monster Anal Dildos

Material Silicone
Total Length 23cm/9.05inch
Insertable Length 20cm/7.87inch
Max Diameter 6.9cm/2.71inch
Weight: 0.58kg/1.27lb
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11.02Inch Monster Dildos For Sale

Material Silicone
Total Length 28cm/11.02inch
Insertable Length 24.5cm/9.64inch
Max Diameter 7cm/2.75inch
Weight: 1.08kg/2.38lb
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Horse Dildo
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11.69Inch Silicone Big Horse Dildo

Material Silicone
Total Length 29.7cm/11.69inch
Insertable Length 26.3cm/10.35inch
Max Diameter 6.4cm/2.51inch
Weight: 0.94kg/2.07lb

9.64Inch Horse Silicone Dildo

Material Silicone
Total Length 24.5cm/9.64inch
Insertable Length 21cm/8.26inch
Max Diameter 6.3cm/2.48inch
Weight: 0.67kg/1.47lb

11.81Inch New Big Horse Dildo

Material PVC
Total Length 30cm/11.81inch
Insertable Length 28cm/11.02inch
Max Diameter 5.8cm/2.28inch
Weight: 0.58kg/1.27lb

16.14Inch Giant Horse Dildo

Material PVC
Total Length 41cm/16.14inch
Insertable Length 33cm/12.99inch
Max Diameter 8cm/3.14inch
Weight: 1.32kg/2.91lb

13.7Inch Huge Horse Dildo

Material PVC
Total Length 35cm/13.7inch
Insertable Length 30m/11.81inch
Max Diameter 8.5cm/3.34inch
Weight: 1.32kg/2.91lb

16.1Inch Big Horse Dildo

Material PVC
Total Length 41cm/16.14inch
Insertable Length 41cm/16.14inch
Max Diameter 6.5cm/2.55inch
Weight: 1.4kg/3.08lb
huge dildos

10.03Inch Small Jelly Dildo

Material Liquid Silicone
Total Length 25.5cm/10.03inch
Insertable Length 15.5cm/6.11inch
Max Diameter 3.8cm/1.49inch
Weight: 0.35kg/0.77lb
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7.09Inch Crystal Jelly Dildo

Material Liquid Silicone
Total Length 18cm/7.09inch
Insertable Length 14cm/5.51inch
Max Diameter 3.4cm/1.34inch
Weight: 0.21kg/0.46lb
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7.48Inch Jelly Rainbow Dildo

Material Liquid Silicone
Total Length 19cm/7.48inch
Insertable Length 14cm/5.51inch
Max Diameter 3.3cm/1.30inch
Weight: 0.28kg/0.61lb
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7.67Inch Jelly Anal Dildo

Material Liquid Silicone
Total Length 19.5cm/7.67inch
Insertable Length 18cm/7.08inch
Max Diameter 4cm/1.57inch
Weight: 0.26kg/0.57lb
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8.07Inch Big Jelly Dildo

Material Liquid Silicone
Total Length 20.5cm/8.07inch
Insertable Length 15.5cm/6.1inch
Max Diameter 3.6cm/1.41inch
Weight: 0.35kg/0.77lb
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8.07Inch Large Jelly Dildo

Material Liquid Silicone
Total Length 20.5cm/8.07nch
Insertable Length 16cm/6.29inch
Max Diameter 4.3cm/1.69inch
Weight: 0.37kg/0.81lb
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Huge Dildo Online | Best Big & Large Dildos for Sale

Most Common Questions About Huge Dildo

Solo Masturbation

Sexual pleasure can bring great joy to your life. But for most people, enjoying sex pleasure is not easy. So, when you still are alone, buying a huge dildo is worth it. Enjoy sex with the realistic dildo anytime and anywhere. Not only that, the big dildo brings completely different sexual stimulation. If you are good at Google search, I believe you can definitely find more ways to play the big dildo. All in all, huge dildos are the best sex toy for singles. For single women, it’s vaginal masturbation. For single men, it’s anal sex.

Improve Couple’s Sex Life 

Maybe you are not singles, but your partner cannot accompany you anytime, anywhere. Or in your sex life, your partner cannot fill your vaginal or anus. In either case, your sexual needs cannot be met. That’s so sad. Now, you should try the huge thick dildo. You can control it in any way. Constantly rubbing the clitoris. Finally enjoy the sexual pleasure brought by vaginal masturbation. In the sex life of couples, a huge realistic dildo plays an important role in foreplay. You can buy a harness, the huge dildo will be your strap-on dildo by any sex position. Your sex life will be different because of the participation of the strapon dildo.

Bring More Fun to Gay & Lesbian

Homosexuality has long since become the norm. This situation is gradually accepted by people. But the sex life of homosexuals is not satisfied most of the time. Perhaps it is the lack of a big realistic dildo? In many gay forums, people discuss the most about homosexual sex positions. Now, big dildos works. Especially the big suction cup dildo. Because the suction dildo is compatible with a harness. Then, a big strap on dildo can provide more possibilities for gay sex.

Most Realistic

The massive dildo is enough thick and long. Our large dildo can fully fill the vagina and anus. However, you should buy the best size according to the suitable size for you. Not only that, the large dildos we supply are very realistic. The whole dildo looks like a penis erected by a young and strong man. The color of the ruddy glans is like a congested stick. And the vein lines are densely covered. And the testicles are also very realistic. In short, our massive dildos have a better sex experience than real men’s penis. At least our large dildo will not give up halfway.

High-Level Safe Materials

Our giant dildo is made of various materials. According to your hobbies, choose the dildo that suits you. We mainly supply huge jelly dildo/huge silicone dildo/big glass dildo etc. These materials have passed strict sanitary inspections. Be harmless to the body. And there are many ways to play. Such as glass dildos. You can heat or cool in warm or cold water. So you can enjoy the sexual experience of both ice and fire.

Easy To Carry

Compared to other realistic sex toys, such as sex doll torso with dildo, a large realistic dildo is easier to carry. When you go out, your handbag can hold this big dick dildo well. And when you are traveling or on business, you can bring it also. Different places will give you different sexual experiences. This is a great advantage.

Long Use Time

Every huge dildo can be used for a long time. Can be reused. Of course, the premise is that you know how to store, maintain and clean your dildo. has many blogs about cleaning and maintaining dildos. If you want to know, you can go to the blog page.

About the material of giant dildos. It is basically divided into several categories: jelly, silicone, glass, PVC, etc.

The huge jelly dildo is mainly a sex toy with various colors. Rainbow jelly dildos are very popular.

Large silicone dildo – mostly liquid silicone material. The advantage is a high level of health. No harmful substances. But the price is generally expensive.

Giant glass dildo – a kind of high-temperature-resistant precision glass product. Easy to clean. The surface is smooth, and there will be no bacteria remaining after cleaning. No unpleasant smell. Easy to slip into the body. And the price is relatively cheap. But if the glass dildo is accidentally dropped, it will break easily.

The PVC dildo is cheaper. But the sanitation level is not as high as the first three dildos. If you have a small budget, you can also buy a PVC dildo. Very realistic and various styles.

There is no generalization about the feeling of using a huge dildo. Because of the different materials of the dildo, the sex experience is different. But the overall feeling should be that every hole is filled.

For example, how does it feel to use a big silicone dildo? 

It should be very soft. Of course, only the surface is soft. Because under normal circumstances, silicone dildo has a very hard internal support. Only in this way can this silicone penis keep getting an erection. So, using a huge silicone dildo feels like being inserted by a man who has an erection forever. But silicone dildo is very flexible and can be bent at any angle. This feeling is that a man with rich sexual experience serves you in different sex positions. In short, the feeling of using large silicone dildos is real and challenging.

But how does it feel to use a large glass dildo?

The glass dildo is made of high temperature-resistant glass. So it is very hygienic and safe. You can heat it in boiling water and insert it into the vagina or anus. That feeling is warm sex. It can also be cooled in ice water, and the feeling will be the opposite. And the surface of the glass dildo is very smooth. You can enter any hole without too much effort. And glass dildo is equally as hard like an erection man constantly stimulating honey beans.

By the way, some people may want to know how the animal dildos feel, especially the giant horse dildo.

How does it feel? Because most of the animal dildo is made of silicone. So the experience is basically the same as that of a silicone dildo. But there are unique features. That is, an animal dildo allows you to experience bestiality. That’s very exciting. And the animal penis has various structures. If you want, you can buy all types of animal dildos (such as huge dragon dildo, huge dog dildo, huge monster dildo ) and experience the sexual pleasure of different dildo insertions.

Many people will complain that their lover’s penis is too small. Yes, when discussing penetrative behavior, people always think about penis size. Probably many people have tried small or medium dildos. But few people have tried moby huge dildo. So many players care about how to use it.

Check out the steps below:

1. Clean your huge dildo machine

Whether using a small dildo or a huge dildo, it must be cleaned before use. Because a dildo will enter the body and reach the depths of the vagina. This requires careful cleaning to ensure hygiene.

2. Foreplay is important

One of the first steps to efficiently use your first big dildo is to participate in foreplay. You can engage in oral sex or masturbate before using it. Make sure you use your natural lubricant to help ease the toy inside you.

3. Add great lube

Before use, you can apply some high-quality lubricant to reduce the risk of injury and soreness and make anal and vaginal insertions safer. Using thick and long-lasting lubricant is vital if you are experimenting with big dildos. That’s especially true if you wish to try anal sex with your big thick dildo. It will help if you use a silicone lubricant, as it does not need frequent lubrication.

4. Go slow and warm-up

Feel free to stretch yourself open slowly by using a smaller dildo first. Your body will gradually adjust as you increase the dildo’s size and help you relax simultaneously.

5. Find the most comfortable position

Being in a comfortable position will enable you to open up before inserting the dildo. You can lie on your back and put a pillow under your rear to give you more height. You can also try getting on your knees with your legs spread or squatting over your huge pussy dildo.

Sex toys are the best masturbation device than hands. The best big dildo has more advantages. So no matter whether it is a man or woman, a couple or a homosexual, dildo is very popular. Now, how to choose and use a huge dildo has been discussed. But, do you know how to clean it? Here are six simple steps.

1. Know what material your dildo is made of.

Different dildo materials have different cleaning precautions. Except for the glass dildos, all other dildos are recommended to be cleaned in clean water. The glass dildo can be washed in a dishwasher or boiling water. For a large vibrating dildo, please make sure that the power supply or remote control is not wet.

2. Please use a mild detergent to clean your dildo

It can be rinsed directly with water. If you really need to use a cleaning agent, please buy a professional cleaning agent for cleaning. It is best to use mild detergents. Avoid using strong detergents to harm your dildo.

3. Please make sure your dildo is waterproof

Before cleaning, read the instructions carefully. Or consult the seller. Be sure to confirm that the large girth dildo is fully waterproof. Then put it in water to wash.

4. It’s best not to wash with high-temperature water

Except for glass dildos, other dildos (such as silicone dildos, jelly dildos, etc.) cannot be placed in high-temperature water.

5. After cleaning, please wipe and keep dry

After cleaning, be sure to wipe clean. Then store in a dry and dark place.

6. It must be cleaned before and after each use

For personal health, please wash your huge realistic dildos before and after each use.


Why Buy Huge Dildo From US?

Welcome to, the ultimate huge dildo shop! Here, You will find over 200 extra large dildos of different shapes, sizes, and colors, including huge realistic dildo, huge horse dildo, giant dragon dildo, huge monster dildo, etc. We’ve carefully selected a wide range of huge dildos to fulfill your every need and aim to get them to you as fast as we can.

Our journey started with a website specializing in huge dildo, become the most popular website in the dildo field is our ultimate goal. Behind the scenes, we have a small team to keep everything running smoothly. These guys are immersed in the sex toy culture every day. Except for choosing and test some new dildos, they spend lots of time analyzing customer reviews and online content to ensure that the latest customer needs are captured, Which will help us to provide customers with more interesting, special big huge dildos.

As a professional dildo supplier, We only provide high-quality dildo products. Our team members inspect the product quality of each factory, make sure all dildos meet the certification of CE & RoHS. Only the factories that meet our quality specifications can become our suppliers.

We know what you want, we know what we should do. We know that only maintaining attention to detail and product quality is the foundation of our long-term development.

Generally, the huge dildo is more expensive than a small & normal-sized dildo due to the larger size and heavier weight. However, at, a best huge dildo does not mean a huge budget. When shopping here, you can always be sure to find something within your budget.

Thanks to the direct cooperation with the dildo factory, Our range of luxury large realistic dildos are priced reasonably. We aim to provide you with cheap huge dildos, which can bring you great happiness and is within reach.

Shopping on is safe and convenient. To make life easier, we accept the following payment methods:

1. Paypal

Pay via PayPal; You can pay with your debit or credit card even without a PayPal account. Absolutely safe, your payment is protected by Paypal’s buyer protection policy.

2. Credit Cards Online accepts almost all major credit cards, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, etc. In addition, we use the most commonly used security protocol, SSL, for encryption to ensure that your payment is secure. If payment failed, please call your bank. Or choose Paypal and select pay with a credit card.

3. Western Union 

Western Union offers one of the easiest ways for people to send and receive money around the world. You can complete the payment at the physical Western Union agent or on Western Union’s official website.

After placing your order, please contact: [email protected] for banking details, then click the following links to complete your payment:

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For shipping couriers, We mainly use USPS, Royal Mail, UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc. We will send a tracking number to your email box once your order is shipped. You can track your package and contact the courier to arrange a suitable day for delivery if necessary.

For orders from North America, Europe, and Asia, delivery will be completed within 5-15 business days. For some dildos that are in stock in the Los Angeles warehouse, it only takes 2-4 business days (only for the USA address). works hard to make sure you get the best large dildo. Before we send the dildo you ordered, we will carefully check it to make sure it’s perfect.
So, don’t worry, we got you!
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Note: All refunds will be issued via the original payment method

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