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14.57Inch Medical Grade Tan Dual Density Silicone Dildos

  • 11.41″ insertable length, enjoy the pleasure of pussy filling.
  • Lifelike glans – greater penetration and stimulation.
  • Realistic vein pattern – double the friction stimulation.
  • Wrinkled testicles – feel real to the touch and increase libido.
  • Strong suction cup – free your hands and enjoy riding sex.
  • Medical silicone – soft and comfortable, safe and waterproof.
  • Real skin texture, delicate and can glide.
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14.57Inch Medical Grade Tan Dual Density Silicone Dildos

This item: 14.57Inch Medical Grade Tan Dual Density Silicone Dildos

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Jul 26 - 28, 2024
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Compared with other dildos, this 14.57″ dildo does not have any gorgeous decorations. On the contrary, its design is very simple, just imitating the production of human penis, but the imitation is so realistic that people can’t tell it apart. If you In the pursuit of exciting and real sex, I believe this ultra realistic hunk will satisfy you!


Total Length37cm/14.57inch
Insertable Length29cm/11.41inch
Max Diameter5.5cm/2.16inch


Why is it awesome?

14.57″ Oversized – forearm sized dildo

Does this big tan guy turn you on? Its 14.57″ tall body is not much different from the arm of an ordinary adult woman. Not only that, but its 2.16″ super-large diameter makes it impossible to hold it with one hand! What does large size mean? This does not need too much introduction. Isn’t the reason why we love big dildos because it can provide intense stimulation and satiety that other dildos can’t? This forearm-sized tan dildo will give you the thrill you’re looking for, come experience it!

Lifelike details – fat glans, delicate vein shafts, sexy testicles

I have to marvel at the craftsmanship of this big cock. It has a lifelike glans and is designed with ergonomics, which not only makes it look very realistic, but also makes it easier to insert into the deepest part of the cock, bringing strong penetration stimulation; its delicate vein pattern not only makes it look very realistic, but also increases the friction with the vaginal wall during insertion, doubling the sexual stimulation! The beautiful lines perfectly separate the testicles, making them look more real and sexy, and the delicate folds can greatly increase the sexual desire. It is precisely because of these lifelike details that it can provide unexpected stimulation and be loved by the public!


Soft and flexible – torsion and multi-angle bending

It’s the most realistic dildo I’ve ever used. This is a reply from a veteran player after using it. The reason why he said so, It is because this tan dildo has flexibility that other dildos do not have. As you can see, its skin can be twisted like human skin, and it has a certain degree of elasticity. At the same time, it is very flexible and can be rotated at any angle bending. Flexibility and flexibility allow it to bring a sexual experience no less than that of a human penis, and it is even more incomparable with other dildos. If you also like real and exciting sex, it is definitely the best choice!

Strong suction cup – riding sex play in more scenes

This tan boss has a strong suction cup base to provide the most stable riding game. It can be firmly adsorbed on smooth surfaces, and can be played anytime, anywhere without restriction! Whether it’s the bathroom, kitchen, living room or bedroom, it can be your venue for riding sex games. Own it, enjoy galloping in the battlefield of sex!

Waterproof and easy to clean – makes handling easier

This tan big dildo is made of high quality medical grade silicone. Not only safe and soft, but also has good waterproof performance, so you can use it in the bathroom, bathtub or even your private pool to enjoy the fun of sex. The large dildo made of high-quality silicone is very easy to clean and does not leave an unpleasant smell. When cleaning, just rinse with warm or soapy water and let dry.

  • Lubricating oil is recommended.
  • Tablet or handheld use of the base suction cup is not recommended.
  • For your health, clean before and after each use.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.
  • Avoid placing the product in direct sunlight and avoid exposure to high temperatures.
  • The product should be stored in a clean, dry place.
  • Avoid contact with other plastic products.

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At least, no one knows what it is until you open the package. Because, the package does not have any sexually related words and descriptions. In addition, the shipping and return address information does not mention any information about our company and website.

Customer Reviews

Based on 50 reviews
now we talking

no matter you male or female, if you wanna enjoy inch by inch then this is the right toy for you.


Great for beginners but a word of warning, go slow and use lots of lube! Once it’s all the way in you will be very close to the best O ever! 🤤🤯


Wife absolutely loves it feels real and fills her up like her fantasies have always told her she wanted to be filled four thrusts and every fluid she had was evacuating………

It's not for the meek

It's big, bold, satisfying , but gentle to receive, then let your hunger enjoy it, 5 🌟,s ill definitely have a great time, can't share video. Not for beginners,

Definately not for beginners.

Just got this thing yesterday and couldn't wait to try it out. Was not disappointed. this thing is huge. the suction cup is great, matter of fact it is hard to get off some surfaces. beginners beware. Takes some getting used to the size, but once inside, WOW just WOW. well worth the money.

Awesome size & texture!!

Just got this big-un' yesterday. Packaged very discrete and zero odor as stated. Couldn't wait to wash up and give it a test drive! I am very experienced with girth and depth and always on the lookout for a nice, affordable toy for both sensations. This one is very close to perfect! It has great consistency but still soft enough to make the deep curve into the sigmoid with some light pressure. The "pulling-out" texture and feel of the glans is exquisite and just left me wishing I had a lot more time to play!
Just keep in mind - this is a big guy! Being cleaned out, relaxed, warmed up, and lots of your favorite lube will guarantee an awesome experience! FYI - I'm a hetero, male who just enjoys both zones, you are not alone, play safe!!

Take It Slow

Though not for beginners, this might be the perfect toy for deep penetration. This monster is probably the longest thing a human body can safely handle. The suction cup works pretty well. The tapered head and flexible shaft really help with insertion. It's not torturously wide, at 2.2 inches diameter, so you can focus on being gradually impaled by its 13 inches of insertable length -- 14 inches, if you're dedicated. After several days of warming up, I can take the entire length of the thing pretty easily. The sensation of being so deeply penetrated is indescribable.

Trust the reviews! ! ! !

I was honestly skeptical about buying this product, but after reading other people's reviews, I thought why not give it a try? Man I'm so glad I did, this is the most realistic toy I've ever bought. Honestly, it feels and moves just like the real thing. The head is very pronounced, the shaft has some defined veins, and I think it all feels good...it also has a nice weight if that matters to you. The suction works great on the floor. Like a commenter said before, you can't expect a guy this big to be able to attach to a vertical wall, that's too much for it. Also, I recommend dampening it a bit to get a good suction. It's definitely worth buying. 5 stars and I will definitely buy again.

Good quality toy at a reasonable price

This is a very good work. This is the kind you buy for about $80 at the toy store. It does feel real, both in the hand and otherwise. The strong suction is really rare. I bought a few others at the same time, but this is by far the best. While I can still get one, I plan to buy a spare.

Haylee G.
Fast shipping

this big guy right here does more than enough to satisfy you in just the right ways ! 10/10 recommend!

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