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6 Best Silicone Dildos In 2024 (Closest Thing to Reality)

Best Silicone Dildos

6 Best Silicone Dildos In 2024 (Closest Thing to Reality)


As a traditional toy designed specifically for penetration, dildos hold an unshakable position among sex toys! To this day, it is still very popular and loved by the public.

Although there are many materials for making dildos on the market now, such as common rubber, glass, metal, etc., it is undeniable that silicone is still the most popular material for making dildos, and people prefer it. Not only is silicone material non-porous and durable, it’s also safer. Designers can control the properties of the material and tailor it to a soft or hard dildo to meet the user’s various requirements. Or a dual-density dildo with a hard core and soft outer skin, which will provide the user with an experience closer to real play.

This advantage of adjustable softness and hardness cannot be achieved by other materials. Therefore, silicone dildos are also the best choice for beginners to get started. 

What Is a silicone dildo?

Like other dildos, silicone dildos are toys made of silicone material that resemble a human penis. The difference is that the dildo made of high-quality silicone material is not only non-porous and non-toxic, but also very skin-friendly and durable.

In addition, the shapes and styles of silicone dildos are more diverse, such as the most popular bad dragon dildo currently on the market, as well as common dog dildos, horse dildos, etc., most of which are made of silicone materials. They can all be called silicone dildos.

6 best lifelike silicone dildos of 2024

Next, we will introduce you to the 6 most popular silicone dildos currently. They are our top-rated silicone dildos picks among our best-selling toys. We believe you will fall in love with them as much as our customers do! Here we list their pros and cons, along with their sizing information so you can get a better idea of the product.

1.Best realistic silicone dildo


  • Professional version
  • Silicone shaft feels similar to skin
  • Built-in spring design, can be bent at will.
  • Real testicles that can slide, making the experience more realistic.
  • Suction cup base makes dildo easy to use


  • Large size design, not suitable for beginners.
  • The price is above 100$.
MaterialLiquid silicone
Total Length32.5cm/12.79inch
Insertable Length25.5cm/10inch
Max Diameter5.5cm/2.16inch

2.Best double density silicone dildo


  • Professional version
  • Sliding skin design brings most realistic touch
  • Real vein textured shaft adds feel
  • Long size but small girth, suitable for beginners
  • Suction cup stable adsorption supports riding sex


  • Too big to hide easily
  • Not suitable for players who like big girth
Total Length37cm/14.57inch
Insertable Length30cm/11.81inch
Max Diameter5.7cm/2.24inch

3.Best silicone anal dildo


  • Professional version
  • Smooth glans increases penetration
  • Real skin texture increases feel
  • Extra large suction cup base provides stable adsorption.


  • Too big to hide easily
  • Not suitable for beginners
  • The price is above 100$.
MaterialLiquid Silicone
Total Length36cm/14.17inch
Max Diameter9.6cm/3.77inch

4.Best silicone thick dildo


  • Diverse textures bring new feelings
  • Raised glans can better stimulate the G-spot
  • Veins meander upward, and the thick muscle shaft can increase sensation.
  • Strong suction cup, powerful suction


  • Thick waistline and raised glans, not suitable for beginners
  • Friction is irritating and not suitable for sensitive players
MaterialLiquid silicone
Total Length28cm/11inch
Insertable Length22cm/8.66inch
Max Diameter6cm/2.36inch

5.Best silicone thrusting dildo


  • Chubby big girth penis
  • Realistic details and its unique look
  • Different vibration and thrusting, heating functions
  • It has a sturdy suction cup base
  • Strong suction cup, powerful suction


  • Needs to be charged before use.
Total Length24cm/9.44inch
Insertable Length17cm/6.69inch
Max Diameter8cm/3.15inch


6.Best silicone double head dildo


  • Simultaneous penetration of vagina and anus
  • Different sizes of double ends provide different feelings
  • Soft and realistic textured shaft and glans
  • You can enjoy a twosome with your partner


  • Without suction cups, single player play is a bit difficult
MaterialLiquid Silicone
Total Length30.5cm/12inch
Insertable Length15.5cm/6.1inch
Max Diameter3.8cm/1.49inch


What are the benefits of using a silicone dildo?

  • Safety: Silicone is hypoallergenic and can be thoroughly disinfected. This makes it safer and healthier to use, making it the best choice for vagina owners.
  • Realistic: Some silicone dildos adopt a dual-density design, with skin and texture similar to a real penis, which can bring you the most realistic touch and visual impact!
  • Softness: Except for a few specially made ones, most silicone dildos are very close to the softness of a real penis and have good elasticity. This will make your sex play more comfortable.
  • Diversified gameplay: Silicone material is resistant to high temperatures, so if your dildo is made of silicone, you can use it for more exciting temperature play! Additionally, you can use silicone dildos with suction cups, vibrators or strap-ons for stimulating riding sex or twosomes.
  • Environmental protection: Although silicone is classified as a type of rubber substance, it is incomparable to rubber and plastic in terms of environmental protection. Silica gel material is made by high-temperature vulcanization, which causes almost no pollution to the environment during the production process, and discarded silica gel can still be recycled and used as asphalt raw material for refining. Therefore, choosing a silicone dildo is also doing your part to protect the environment!

Final Thoughts

Silicone dildos are like the royal family of dildos. Once you find what works for you, then the rest will be advantages!

Finding the best dildo for you isn’t easy, as there are so many different types and functions of silicone dildos. Although we have listed the best silicone dildos here, everyone has their own preferences, and these may not be what you like, so if you have any needs or other questions, you can contact us in the comment area below us!

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