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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Everything I hoped it would be

Expands to your wishes and fills them up over and over again. Feels fantastic and can't get enough of it

Second round of girthy play

This is the second big toy I've obtained. This one DEFINITELY is NOT for BEGINNERS! This one took 2 months to get to being able to sit completely on it. LOTS OF LUBE REQUIRED!. It feels amazing.


Perfect fit. Great feeling. Milks the prostate effortlessly. I love it.

Perfect and soft, just like they say.

The horse penis came in a box sealed with tape and it took me a while to open it. It was perfect and it came in a layer airtight plastic bag. I didn't unpack it in a hurry, but unpacked it after testing whether it was soft! Very satisfied with a purchase!

Bigger than a keyboard!!!

I almost missed this huge toy! Received it while I was playing the game! Can't wait to open it and have a look, sure enough, it's as realistic as the picture shows! And it was wrapped tightly with yellow tape, except for the necessary address and recipient information, there were no words or descriptions about sex on it. This reassures me very much. I'm about to buy another one on this site!

Ready for a stretch?

WOW much more then i expected. It has been such a greatchallenge taking it inch by inch. Still haven't bottom out but pleasingly working on it. Nice horse dildo! Full of fantastic colors!

Very detailed toy.

This is a nice toy, I honestly got the wrong size, I wanted to go bigger (my fault), but the feel and details of the toy are quite realistic.
I would say its horse quality without the price tag, besides its been impossible to even aquire a Bad horse toy let alone the one you want. Bottom line is this is a great horse dick, plain and simple. If this is your thing, this toy will make you blush.


Here I thought, no way I'd take this completely. 30 minutes later I did. Could be thicker but all in all, nice toy that I'll be using often. Can't beat the feeling once you get over the hump

Doesn't need no beginner warning....

The weight should clue one in that this dildo needs much lubrication andpatience to just get past the head.
If you're not afraid and adventurous, the is well worth the effort

Very private packaging! Makes me so happy!

I would like to thank Hugedildo for the packaging service. Because my courier was rudely left at the gate by the postman, but the package was still intact except for the tape on the surface. After I took it back to the room avoiding the eyes of the neighbors, I took it apart and saw my golden horse cock! It's perfect and beautiful! I had a fantastic night with him and although it was a little hard to get into at first, after a proper warm up he is your blast toy!

Knot Enough?

This thing is BIG. I have been wanting the challenge of a knot and this is a challenge. I had owned the purple wolfie but there was nowhere near enough space between the knot and the base to make it stick. No problem here. Plenty of space. And I thought since I had finally been able to work the Bella Donna hand in that this would be a fun, stay in place, plug. Nope. This took quite a bit of warm up to pass the knot and even then it was more lube to work it. Definitely not for the feint hearted and beginners/novices beware.

A well thought out shape!

I've been eyeing this for a while and I can tell the shape of the toy would hit my spots just right. I was waiting for someone to make a silicone version of this, and even asked vendors of they would... but, alas my only hope was to go with the pvc if I wanted to experience this shaft.

just as I expected, it's design and proportions hit those spots exceptionally! I'm in love with the design! it's great for depth play and training, a good taper that can still stretch me well while going deep, and a thoughtful curves that won't tire your insides out if going fast.

I would seriously pay $100+ for a silicone version of this toy. it's like the perfect medium that can give me an excellent play session without switching out different toys. a very good all rounder for everything you don't need to warm up for... suction cup is pretty strong

they really were discreet about the shipping, it didn't feel like I had a box with a childs arm in it. if you shook it around you couldn't tell what it was.
the toy does come with a dusting of powder, but that's just to protect the toy... I just used bar soap and sudded up a wash cloth to clean it... but, you do that anyway, so I don't understand why ppl complaining about that... trust. it isn't anthrax or something crazy.

the toy was a great value at the price range, it has decent firmness but not enough to make it uncomfortable to use for extended times. (I had to take a call mid sess and it was comfortable enough to not distract me.) yet, it's firm enough to thrust without it going all crazy noodle and jumping across the room.

people really do play with massive toys, don't hesitate to cater to the freaks. we're out here and will spend on quality.

More Than Most Will Need

Perfect for aspiring beginners. Stimulating for more experienced users. The actual insertable length of mine is 11.5 inches. The circumference at the insertable base is 9.5 inches. This toy has a very subtle texture along the full length which is very stimulating. The tapered shape can allow for gradual accommodation. The tip is very soft, as is the rest of the outer layer. The core is firm, but flexible. Appearance is very realistic. With realistic coloration. The "balls" are also very squishy. The suction cup works very well. Really wild ride.

I enjoy new toys and the challenge that comes with them. This one has some girth for sure. Not fo...

I enjoy new toys and the challenge that comes with them. This one has some girth for sure. Not for the timid. I 'warmed up' with one of my lesser sized toys first, and it was still a journey. The 'bulb' near the base was a sizable feet. Will likely take your breath away for a sec. Enjoy 🙂

Incredible stretch!

Very comfortable horse dildo. Liquid silicone is the perfect balance of softness and firmness. I bought the large size and I'm not sure I'd be able to take it as I've never had a diameter larger than 3 inches before but the liquid silicone material combined with the shape of the head resulted in the widest part of the dildo being So perfect, it goes in like butter, it feels like heaven. Just having it inside me makes me orgasm. High quality silicone, is highly recommended. The girth measurements are all correct, but the insertable length is a bit long. In short, this is satisfactory shopping! Absolutely worth the money spent.

Worth the ride.

I have a lot of toys, but I wasn't in to horses. This is definitely worth the ride! Pun intended. The shape of the head rubs that spot like nothing I have ever experienced. Team it with a cage, if you don't the urge to release is too overwhelming, you won't get the mind blowing experience.

Soft and bendable

Highly recommend this horse dildo! I love how soft and bendable the product is. Plus it’s an excellent product to used if you’re new to anal. It won’t hurt as much but it would do the trick! P.s for new beginner exploring oral, you definitely need to purchase this. It feels like you’re actually sucking a real penis. My bf gets jealous lol

Second purchase! I was not disappointed at all!

This is my second warrior! The first one I've been using for a while now works great and I absolutely love the filling stimulation it gives. Hence, I purchased this second one again. It can be used intermittently so that it stays with me longer! It looks perfect and realistic! Yes, the second one I haven't opened yet! Exactly as you can see, the curved shaft, oh my! I feel excitement like never before!!!

Don't believe all the bad stuff said about the suction cup, it works fine. What they don't take into account is this thing called G R A V I T Y. It will NOT stay on a Horizontal wall, Common Sence Prevails... IT'S TOO HEAVY Duh. But stand it up on a Vinal, or Tile Floor, or a low step stool or table. Then straddle over it go up & down till your cross-eyed. Trust me I have 3 Drawers of TOYS. This has now into my Top 5. Just CLICK "ADD TO CART." You know you want it. This is best price I've seen on this. So, get it over with

Fills me up

First off it's got the girth but it's so flexible I have to hold in in the middle for insertion, it has some suction but not enough to keep in on the wall and being so flexible it keeps pooping out so again I have to hold it in the middle. Easy to clean, no smell and it was a nice feel. Used it for half an hour and did enjoy it. I look forward to using it more.

deliciously huge

getting past the head took extra lube, but once in, te smooth slide to then was super.

XL is Big, but not as big as I thought it would be

I thought this would be a bigger in both size and girth considering it's a size XL, but I guess it's still good in a way. Just 20% disappointed.

Horse love

Just got it a few days ago ahead of shipping date.
Extra nice and soft and flexible.
Head will break you then make you want to pop in and out many tinnes.
A damn good way to go deep if you can and if you are in for a good full stthen this is absolutely perfect. My new face. Just wish the suction cup was a little more suctioney.

Best horse dick ever!

This is the first sex toy I've bought in a long time, and let me tell you, this horse penis is nothing like the ones I've come across before, it doesn't have an unpleasant smell, it's just as pleasant to the touch as soft skin. This thing is my main replacement for my abusive ex, it has completely satisfied me in every way, I have never felt so good using a product before this thing is amazing!


I am so happy to be able to use this product. I was shocked by the weight of the box and shocked by its actual size.
I love how soft the skin feels, and how firm and mobile it is. To be honest, the first time I was able to take it all, I was in shock. It's about the width of my arm near the elbow. He is a very big boy! That feeling of fullness is absolutely incredible. This pretty much tested my threshold (, but sure in a good way!

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