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10.6Inch Ultra Realistic Large Silicone Dildos

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  • 10.6″ overall length, enjoy having pussy stuffed.
  • Glans with brim – intense G-spot penetrating stimulation.
  • Lifelike veins and ridges – double the friction stimulation.
  • Bumpy testicles – full of elasticity, enjoy bouncing sex fun of.
  • Strong suction cup – free your hands and enjoy safe riding sex.
  • Safe and healthy, no bad smell, waterproof, and easy to clean.
  • High-quality silicone, allergens: latex-free, phthalate-free.
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Hey! friend. What’s the most realistic dildo you’ve ever seen? Whatever it is, I believe that when you see this big10.6″ silicone cock, it will be the answer to your question! Lifelike glans and veins, very textured testicles, and double-layer design like real skin! Enough to stun your eyes, not to mention the sexual experience it brings, how perfect it would be!


MaterialSilicone(Allergens: Latex-Free, Phthalate-Free)
Total Length27cm/10.6inch
Insertable Length21cm/8.26inch
Max Diameter5cm/1.96inch

Why is it awesome?

Double layer design – real flexible big dick

How realistic can a dildo be? Let this big silicone cock tell you! Did you see it? It has the flexibility of a real dick, so it can be easily bent and twirled. The high flexibility not only brings realism but also stimulates your sweet bean area more flexibly, bringing the best sexual experience. The double-layer design allows the skin to slide like human skin, and the sense of reality it brings is self-evident!

Lifelike details – enjoy the most realistic sex

The designer of this silicone cock must be a sex expert, otherwise, it would be impossible to design this big dick so realistically. The pointed glans with a brim can better stimulate the G-spot while being easy to insert. The slightly exaggerated curve and axis of the vein increase the friction between it and the vaginal wall when it enters, making sex more exciting! The sunken testicles are not only very textured but also full of elasticity. When fully inserted, they can provide a certain amount of bounce, as if responding to your enthusiasm, making sex games more real. The strong suction cup can provide a stable riding environment and take you to enjoy safe riding sex. This big guy combines these lifelike details into one body, and will take you to enjoy the most authentic sex experience!

Waterproof and easy to clean – makes handling easier

Are big silicone dildos waterproof? Of course, it is for sure! Our big dildo is not only safe, with no bad smell, but also has first-class waterproof performance, you can use it in the swimming pool, bathtub, and other wet environments without any worries, and enjoy the fun of sex. But be careful not to keep it soaking in water, it can easily damage it. Also, are you struggling with post-orgasm cleanup? If so, then you need it even more. Because this big guy is very easy to clean, just rinse with warm water or soapy water and dry after use, it is very simple and convenient to handle.

Huge dick, it will grab your fun!
Double-layer silicone design, soft on the outside and hard on the inside, enjoy real penis stimulation!
The strong suction cup, with super suction, not easy to fall off, can provide stable and safe riding sex!
Use Tips
  • Recommended using lubes.
  • For your health, Please clean before and after every use, keep it dry in the place where the children can’t reach it.
  • Avoid leaving the dildo in direct sunlight and avoid exposure to high temperatures.
  • Stored it in a clean, dry place avoiding contact with other plastic products.

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