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Fantasy have sex with your pet dog or other animals? Owning animal dildos is the perfect solution. Here are horse & dog & dragon-shaped dildo, all shapes and sizes. Choose your favorite style Now!!

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Still confused about whether to buy an animal dildos? The following information may be helpful to you, read more….

To be honest, this question is not easy to answer. As we all know, many countries in the world prohibit bestiality. However, according to historical data, there were records of bestiality before the advent of Christianity. Not to mention, is there any record of bestiality in history. Just talk about the present. Customs are different in different places. The acceptance of bestiality is also different. Because of the facts, bestiality should be reasonable as long as it is willing. In fact, people may fantasize about bestiality. But it is not easy to achieve. Animal dildos began to appear. And continue to be accepted by people.

This animal penis has become one of the most popular in the sex toys industry. From the analysis of dildo sales over the years, the animal dildo has become a popular type. It can be said that animal dildo makes bestiality possible. And sex with animal dildos makes players more exciting. No need to pay attention to whether it is ethical. Because the artificial dildo is very easy to store and use.

Animal dildos is a very novel fantasy dildo. If you are furry fetishes, then you should try the big animal penis listed above. Fantasy and animal sex is extremely normal psychology. If you only occasionally imagine that a huge animal penis is inserted into your vagina, that’s normal. Even psychiatrists would think that is nothing. Therefore, sex with the animal dildo does not violate ethics and laws.

The animal penis may be very strange. Because many people may not have seen many animals. Except for horses, cats, dogs, etc. What’s more, animal penis? So many people want to know how animal dildo is made. In fact, there are two main ways:

The first way is: designers collect a lot of animal data. Mainly through Google, libraries, and video display. Then organize the information. Draw the outline of the main animal cock. Then go to the production workshop to produce. Mainly use glass, jelly, rubber, phthalate-free plastic, among others. Workers harden these materials separately. Then sculpt it carefully. In the end, an animal penis dildo of various materials is produced.

Another way is: if you have the basis of animal anatomy, you can make a corresponding animal penis model. Then the liquid material is injected into the model. Cool and solidify. In the end, the high-quality dildo can be produced as lifelike. Maybe many people want Diy dildo. This may be a way of how to DIY your dildo.

In short, these two are the main ideas. Both of these methods can produce animal shaped dildos of good quality. The first method is you can play freely. Create the features you want. The second method is relatively fixed. Because the model is difficult to make. Once produced, it cannot be changed.

All kinds of animals live on the earth. Have you ever imagined that ducks have penis? Bizarre ideas have been realized in the artificial dildo industry. How many types of animal shaped dildo are there? The main animal cock dildo types will be listed.

Big animal penis-Horse Dildo

If you want to learn about realistic animal dildos, then the horse must show up in advance. As we all know, the penis of a horse is quite large. According to investigations, the horse cock penis is 20 inches long and 2 inches wide. And when the horse penis is erect, the length may double. In any case, big and thick are the labels of horse dildo.
Now you can put the horse dildo in the drawer. Or put it under the mattress. You can have sex with the penis at any time. That’s really good.

Exciting Dog/wolf dildo

Do you know? Wolf and dog are actually very similar. So whether it is a dog dildo or wolf dildo, it is almost the same animal dick dildo. However, in reality, there is a strange phenomenon: the dog penis will retract in the non-erected state. This is a very novel phenomenon. However, dog dildo or wolf dildo is very realistic. In more depth, it is difficult for people to reach wolves. So, the wolf dildo is very exciting.

Funny dragon dildo or monster dildo

Dragon? Has anyone seen it? Maybe it’s a dinosaur. The dragon is a fictional creature in many areas. Therefore, the dragon dildo is generally classified as the monster dildo. This type of dildo has a peculiar appearance. Most of them are imaginary animals. There are almost no such animals in real life. Just like Avatar. The biggest advantage of this type of dildo is that it is highly customizable. You can use your imagination to customize your favorite dildo. Especially the two-headed monster dildo and so on.

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