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11.61″ Wireless Remote Control Vibrating Big Dildos

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  • 11.61″ oversized size, enjoy the pleasure of being stuffed!
  • Lifelike glans – Penetration stimulation is even more intense.
  • Raised Vein Pattern – More friction, double the stimulation.
  • Wrinkled testicles – more realistic and more erotic stimulation.
  • Strong suction cup – free hands, safe riding sex.
  • Wireless remote control – more convenient control.
  • USB charging, charge for 2 hours, use for 90 minutes.
  • High-quality PVC, allergens: latex-free, phthalate-free.
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What? Do you want to buy a living dildo? Whoa, then you might be getting a little greedy. Hey, don’t rush, I think this 11.61″ big guy will fulfill your wish. Not only does it have the detailed design of a real penis, but it can also vibrate as if it has life! When it enters your body, you will enjoy the strong vibration stimulation from the soul!


MaterialPVC(Allergens: Latex-Free, Phthalate-Free)
Total Length29cm/11.61inch
Insertable Length24cm/9.44inch
Max Diameter4.5cm/1.77inch

Why is it awesome?

Wireless Remote Control—Adjustable for multiple vibration frequencies

This big guy has a remote control, through which you can adjust different vibration frequencies and enjoy different levels of vibration stimulation. You can also give the remote control to your partner, let him choose the vibration intensity for you, and enjoy this unexpected stimulation! Start now and enjoy great sex with a vibrating big dick!

USB charging – faster, easier and safer

This big guy uses USB charging. After charging for 2 hours, it can be used for about 90 minutes. The battery life is nothing to say. And no matter if it is a computer, power bank, or car charger, it can replenish energy for it, and charging is very convenient. The charging interface is at the bottom of the dildo, which is very hidden and safe, so you don’t have to worry about touching it when using it. Reminder: Do not use it while charging, and charge it 2~3 hours before use to avoid it suddenly stopping during sex games.

Lifelike detail – the soft feel of a real penis

Are you also worried that this big guy has a vibration function and doesn’t pay so much attention to details? Quite the contrary, this big guy is so well detailed that it has the soft feel and details of a real penis: a lifelike glans head; lifelike vein shafts; wrinkled testicles; this makes it look like the real thing Average penis. Not only that, it can vibrate continuously and stay firm. This is something a real penis can’t do! Therefore, the sexual experience it brings is definitely beyond the real penis!

Powerful Suction Cup – hands-free fun, enjoy riding sex

Are you also looking for a big vibrating dildo that you can go hands-free? Then you’ve come to the right place. This big dick is definitely for you, it has very powerful suction cups. You can stick it to any smooth surface such as tables, chairs, bathrooms, or even bathtubs, ride it with your favorite posture, and enjoy the fun of riding sex! I believe you will like this feeling of galloping!

Excellent performance – safe and easy to use

The big guy is made of high-quality PVC material, which is very soft and skin-friendly and has no unpleasant smell, so it is very safe to use. It has good waterproof performance, suitable for enjoying sex in a wet environment! It is very convenient to control, as shown in the picture in its control diagram, even a novice can quickly master it.

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