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2024 Best 6 Thrusting Vibrating Dildos & How They Work

2024 Best 6 Thrusting Vibrating Dildos & How They Work

2024 Best 6 Thrusting Vibrating Dildos & How They Work


Today, with the rapid development of the times, there are endless changes in sex toys, and dildos are constantly upgraded with the changes of the times! The appearance is becoming more and more realistic! And one of the most exciting developments in dildos in recent years has been the booming growth of thrusting dildos!

This is a new toy for many people! It may seem intimidating as it works, but trust us, once you try it you know what’s out there, then using a thrusting vibrating dildo will be a blast!

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What is a thrusting dildo?

A thrusting dildo is a sex toy that is telescopic and vibrating. The simple understanding is: that this is a dildo, but it has one or more motors inside that can perform propulsive motion and can propel and vibrate on its own.

But it is different from other vibrators in that it has a realistic or fantasy-like design that can replicate the feeling of sexual intercourse. The realistic shape makes the thrust dildo more attractive, and the fantasy-like appearance is the first choice for players who pursue novelty and excitement!

How a vibrating thrusting dildo works

Looking at this dildo that keeps jumping up and down, do you also want to know its inner workings?

For us as players, there is no need to explore more technical answers. We only need to know that the thrusting dildo is powered by a motor in the middle of the toy shaft. It makes a thrusting or pulsating movement, allowing the dildo to move up and down or vibrate, Simulates the feeling of penetrative sex while playing.

Some powerful electric dildos not only have telescopic and vibration modes but also add swing, heating, and other functions to provide players with more stimulation. Not only are these thrusting dildos great for the internal sweet spot and G-spot stimulation, but they are also a very great choice for those looking for a unique external challenge and clitoral stimulation.

2024 Best 6 Thrusting Dildo

Below I will introduce to you the 6 best thrusting dildos this year. Unlike the huge thrusting sex machines, these best thrusting dildos are not only easy to carry but also very realistic, with remote control, telescoping and other functions. Will bring a whole new level of fun to your bedroom games!

8.7Inch APP Thrusting Dildo

8.7Inch APP Thrusting Dildo has an appearance design that is close to a real penis, and also has powerful telescopic and swinging functions.

Of course, the reason why it ranks first ahead of other thrusting dildos is because its appearance pioneered the APP electric dildo! A dildo that can be controlled through a mobile phone will bring more fun to games between couples!

Key Features:

  • Realistic flesh material and skin texture feels like real skin.
  • APP or remote control, multiple control methods.
  • 8 thrusting & vibrating modes in any combination.
  • USB magnetic fast charging, easy to use.

9.4Inch Chubby Thrusting Dildo

9.4Inch Chubby Thrusting Dildo has a real skin touch and has a powerful telescopic swing function.

The giant shaft design is definitely the highlight of this dildo. Compared with other styles, chubby thrusting dildo will provide a strong feeling of satiety, and its powerful vibration and telescopic functions will elevate your gaming experience to a new level.

Key Features:

  • Ultra-realistic and delicate skin provides the most realistic touch.
  • 10 frequency telescopic swing function provides unforgettable fun.
  • Flexible glans allow easy penetration and teases the G-spot.
  • Thick shaft design brings strong satiety stimulation.

9.84Inch Large Vibrating Dildo

9.84Inch Large Vibrating Dildo is a realistic thrusting dildo designed specifically for large players. Has powerful vibration & telescopic & heating functions.

Might not be too beginner-friendly, but for advanced players this will be the perfect automatic dildo! Realistic, strong and fierce male penis is definitely the favorite of realism players!

Key Features:

  • Large size design meets the size needs of advanced players.
  • Powerful thrust supports continued movement after insertion.
  • 10 powerful thrusting & vibrating mode combination experience.
  • Heating function like human body temperature.

8.8Inch Thrusting Dog Dildo

8.8Inch Thrusting Dog Dildo has a fantasy-like appearance design and a powerful vertical motor that can provide powerful vibration & penetration stimulation.

Thrust dildo is based on a realistic dog penis dildo, giving it a fiery red appearance. It has the perfect amount of movement to help anyone achieve perfect vaginal or anal sex play.

Key Features:

  • Novel dog penis appearance, brand new gaming experience.
  • 14 different thrusting & vibration modes for you to mix and match.
  • Thick big knot, enjoy the stimulation of satiety.
  • Unisex, vaginal or anal, enjoy the fun of game.

8.7Inch Monster Thrusting Dildo

8.7Inch Monster Thrusting Dildo has a challenging texture shaft design. The powerful telescopic, vibrating and heating functions will definitely shock you.

Monster thrusting dildo will definitely satisfy your need for exciting games! The unique textured design, soft and stimulating that will bring you to orgasm with ease, and it’s versatile so you’ll never get tired of it!

Key Features:

  • Unique textured shaft provides an unforgettable exciting experience.
  • 3 thrusting & 5 vibration modes provide full range of stimulation.
  • Quickly heat up to 42° to experience the warmth of a real penis.
  • Sturdy suction cup base, safety belt compatible for hands-free fun.

7.7Inch Realistic Thrusting Dildo

7.7Inch Realistic Thrusting Dildo features a soft-touch silicone skin and thick ribbed shaft, paired with its unique telescoping creeping feature, making it perfect and powerful!

Realistic dildos never go out of style. This thrusting dildo’s real meridian texture and fleshy feel, coupled with its unique telescopic and peristaltic function, will give you a feeling like you’ve been hit hard. Trust me, you will appreciate and love this a feeling.

Key Features:

  • Real fleshy meridian texture and shaft design.
  • Beginner-friendly size for novice players.
  • 9 frequency thrusting & vibrating cycle stimulation.
  • High-quality silicone material, skin-friendly and no bad smell.

Some fanatic comments about thrusting vibrating dildos

After learning about these interesting vibrating suction cup dildos, do you also want to know what your experience is like using them? Don’t worry, let some of our users tell you!

Erica Sanders

Erica Sanders

Getting Fucked Feels Incredible.

Don’t get me wrong – fucking yourself feels really fucking good. But giving yourself over, letting go, and just feeling a dildo vibrators cock pound into you feels even better. Maybe that’s my submissive side talking. Maybe I’m kind of lazy in the sack. But being able to focus on the pleasure and not have to worry about anything else really does intensify all the good sensations.

Campos Timothy

Campos Timothy

Soft, Cute, and a Really Fun Fuck

I also didn’t notice a whole lot of extra stimulation from the textures on the shaft and the head of the vibrating dildos.Overall it’s best vibrating dildo toy. They do make it more attractive, though. The thrusts aren’t super deep, but they were more than enough for me, softness of the silicone made it really comfortable to use and extra pleasurable. And it’s super cute, which is something I always rate highly in a vibrator dildo.

Youmans Paula

Youmans Paula

A Thrusty Good Time.

The first thing I noticed when I got it is that it’s really compact. The whole thing is just over 8 inches long and the suction cup base can be very stable for adsorption. It also feels extremely soft to the touch. The insertable portion has a firm interior but it’s covered in a squishy layer of silicone that’s fun to squeeze and feels even better inside you. And instead of having a realistically designed cock, there’s a diamond-shaped texture on the shaft and a wavy pattern along the crown of the head. not as powerful as a lot of sex machines and don’t always thrust as deep as they can. But they’re a lot more convenient to set up, simpler to use, and a hell of a lot easier to store.

Wallace Sabrina

Wallace Sabrina

A Very Great Hands-Free Fuck.

He look a bit modest, but it definitely doesn’t feel that way when it’s all the way in. And the thrusts that looked so light when I was testing it out felt deep and powerful. I gripped my fingers into my thighs, focusing on the strong pleasure the toy was giving me. I shuddered, feeling the deep pumping bring me to a second orgasm. And because I wasn’t fucking myself, the toy didn’t slow down at all while I came. It just kept fucking me hard, which meant I could ride through the pleasure. I didn’t think I could go for another deep ride like that. But I was feeling a bit greedy. Even though I was physically satisfied, I had the urge to come again.


So, there you have it folks! The thrusting dildo has now taken over an exciting (and ever-growing!) corner of the sex toy world, becoming one of the perfect sex toys for most sex players to achieve a higher level of sexual pleasure. There is no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to the best insertable dildo, whichever one is right for you will always be the best! Now get out there and have some thrusting fun!

The internet is the perfect and discreet way to buy dildo vibrator online from the comfort of your home. I really hope this blog post fills in the missing information about thrusting dildo. However, if you have any further questions, I’d be happy to help. Just ask your questions in the comment area below and I will reply to you within 12~24 hours!

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