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Reward & Testing

Reward & Testing

Testing & Reward Plan

Testing Plan

In order to increase Brand & Website influence, let more customers enjoy our high-quality products and service.We launched a Testing Plan. Whether you are an individual consumer, a social media influencer or a content creator, participating in this Plan will be win-win for both of us.

Benefits For All Participants
  1. Get a free product
  2. Add more sexual pleasure to your life
  3. Create new & high-quality content for your fans, and increase exposure
  4. Get more attention or fans & followers from our website
  5. Enjoy exclusive discounts and rewards at our website
  6. Earn commissions by referrals or sharing our products
Who Can Participate?

Type A_: All new customers  (Steps as follows)

  1. Pay for the first product you like—>
  2. Test after receiving it (Shoot a video or write an article/blog/story) —>
  3. Send us your work—>
  4. Get a full refund or a free second product.

Type B_: Returning customers (Steps as follows)

  1. Write a review for your previous order (photo or video is necessary)
  2. Choose the product you want to test and tell us
  3. Get the free 2nd product and start testing

Type C_: Social media influencer or YouTubers

  • Include: Facebook,Instagram, Twitter,Reddit, YouTube,etc
  • Basic Requirements:5000+ fans or followers

Type D_: Verified Onlyfans or Porn sites content creator

  • Include: Onlyfans, Manyvids,Fansly,Pornhub,Xvideos,XNXX,etc
  • Basic Requirements:1000+ fans or followers

Type E_: Professional sex toy reviewers or bloggers

  • Basic Requirements: Reviewed 10+ sex toys and has your own blog column or website

Type F_: Sex party/groups Admins & Moderators or member 

  • Basic Requirements: Party or Groups has 30+ members
What Do You Need To Do?

*Note:You only need to choose one, However, if you complete both, there will be an extra reward.

Write an articles & blog & story 

  • 1000+ words;
  • Pictures and videos of products are included;
  • Highlight our brand or domain name;
  • The content must be honest and show the advantages and disadvantages of the product.

Shoot a Video 

  • Clarity:HD (1920*1080 px Recommended);
  • Video Duration: >3 minutes;
  • Introduce us: Indicate that the product is from Hugedildo.com;
  • Unboxing: Open the package and talk about your thoughts on it;
  • Show Product: Show the audience, Material, The details of the product;
  • More: Other content you want to express.
What Are Free For Testing?
Fill Out The Form to Start
Testing Process

Step1:Fill out and submit the Above Infor Collection Form—>

Step2:Get in touch with us and confirm all details—>

Step3:Receive the free product—>

Step4:Testing products —>

Step5:Share or send your works to us—.

Rewards Plan

In order to appreciate the attention and recognition of all new customers and those who have placed orders repeatedly.We launched this reward plan, also called Loyalty Program.

Sign up today to join our rewards program and immediately earn 100 points! ARE YOU READY?
Rewards You Will Get

Earn Points For Shopping

Save points in smart ways and redeem them.

Early Access To Best Sales

early access to new product launches and special events.

Exclusive Offers

Exclusive promotions and discounts for premium members only.

hugedildo bu (1)

Birthday Points

Get 200 points for a birthday and redeem special gifts.

How it works?


+ 100 Points

Earn points

Each time make a purchase $1 = 1 point.

Redeem rewards

Redeem your points at My Account


Apply your redeemed coupon at checkout.

Way To Earn More Points

Create an account

Earn 200 Points

Place a order

+ 1 Point / $1.00

Daily check-in

+ 5 Points

Birthday reward

+ 200 Points

Write a review

+ 100 Points

Tiered Rewards

Earn more, get more!

Tiered Rewards
Rewards TiersPoints ThresholdBonus Points
What You Can Redeem For
400 Points$5 off
600 Points$10 off
1000 Points$20 off
2000 Points$30 off
2800 Points$40 off
More Rewards

Give your friends a reward and claim your own when they make a purchase

You Get10% off coupon
 Your Friend Get5% off coupon
FAQs About Your Points

You will receive the newest information on your current offers and rewards at “My Account – Points and Rewards” at Hugedildo.com.


Points: Valid within 365 days from the date of accumulation.

Coupon: Valid for 30 days from the date of redemption.

Yes, earn points on all purchases. The points you earn are determined by the amount of your final payment.

**Note: If you regret your purchase and cancel the order, the points you got for this purchase will also disappear.

You may have used a different email address for registration and billing. To ensure your points are credited accurately, your registration email must match the billing email used at the time of purchase. If your registration email and billing email do not match, your points may not automatically reflect in your account.

However, we can certainly help you with this. You can change your registration email or billing email to make sure they match. Please contact our customer support team with your account information and desired email changes and we will assist you with making the necessary changes.

Please note that redeemed discount rewards cannot be returned and reused, and if you cancel an order, the points you have earned for that item will be debited from your account. 

Please contact our customer service to cancel your membership.

What Are You Waiting For?
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Ways to earn rewards

Birthday points

+200 points

Hugedildo will give you 200 points as a birthday gift, valid for 365 days.

Write a review

+100 points

Respond to a review email after making a purchase and get 100 points.

Share on Facebook

+50 points

Share on Twitter

+50 points

Daily check-in

+5 points

Earn 5 points

Purchase Consumption

1 point for each $1.00 spent

Earn 1 point for every dollar you spend at Hugedildo stores.

Sign up

+200 points

Sign up and log in to get 200 points.

Points for Tourists Level

Points for Tourists Level

+100 points

Sign up and log in to get 100 points.

Points for Bronze Level

Points for Bronze Level

+100 points

Earn 100 points: Upgrade from Tourists to Bronze VIP

Points for Silver Level

Points for Silver Level

+200 points

Earn 200 points: Upgrade from Bronze to Silver VIP

Points for Gold Level

Points for Gold Level

+300 points

Earn 300 points: Upgrade from Silver to Gold VIP

Points for Diamond Level

Points for Diamond Level

+400 points

Earn 400 points: Upgrade from Gold to Diamond VIP

Points for Supreme VIP Level

Points for Supreme VIP Level

+500 points

Earn 500 points: Upgrade from Diamond to Supreme VIP


You get reward: 10% discount
Your friend gets reward: 5% discount

Get 10% off coupon!! Refer a friend to purchase and complete his order by clicking on your referral link.

rewards opportunities

Point Conversion for Premium Member

50 points = $1 discount

$5 OFF

400 points = $5 discount

$10 OFF

600 points = $10 discount

$20 OFF

1000 points = $20 discount

$30 OFF

2000 points = $30 discount

$40 OFF

2800 points = $40 discount