9.64Inch Horse Dildos For Sale


Material Silicone
Total Length 24.5cm/9.64inch
Insertable Length 19.5cm/7.67inch
Max Diameter 5.3cm/2.08inch
Weight 0.5kg/1.10lb
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The horse is famous all over the world for its huge penis. Horse Dildo is popular among sex players due to its huge size and unique appearance. Horse Dildo usually has a trumpet-shaped glans. Unlike ordinary dildo, normal dildo has a sharp glans. Therefore, Horse Cock Dildo increases the resistance to entering the vagina. The more so, the more loved by people. This 9.64 inch horse penis has a unique appearance. The foreskin of horse penis is simulated. It looks like three sections of bamboo. Very realistic. The color is also very rich.And horse dildos for sale, It is worth buying.

  • Rich penis texture design: The Real Horse Penis is covered with rich textures. The details depict vivid penis vein textures. And there is an uneven raised design on it. These will increase the resistance of dildo into the vagina or anus, thereby increasing sexual pleasure.
  • Harness Compatible: This big horse dildo has a powerful sucker. So it can be used with harness. For lesbian gay or couples, it is the best choice. Imagine how exciting it is to have sex with horse in various postures.
  • Realistic Horse Dildo Shape: The trumpet-shaped glans, which completely restores the horse penis shape. Three venous bodies reproduce the foreskin of horse penis. The testicles are also very real. In particular, it simulates the veins of horse dildo, which adds a sense of reality.
  • Flexible Horse Penis: This horse dildo is very flexible. No matter what the angle is bent, the shape will be maintained. Therefore, the possibility of trying more sexual positions is increased.
  • Sufficient insertable length: The size that can be inserted into the vagina or anus is 7.67 inches. This length is long enough to reach the sexual climax. Keep rubbing the clitoris, labia, and vulva to enjoy layers of stimulation.

First, it must be clear. Good quality horse dildo is not cheap. However, we are a professional dildo supplier. We produce this horse dildo, so we have a batch advantage. Horse dildos for sale-So the price of our 9.64inch dildo is cheap and affordable.
Secondly, this 9.64horse cock dildo size fits. Not a very big horse dildo. A horse penis that is too large will become more difficult to operate. This size is just right. Suitable for vagina or anus.
Moreover, this 9.64 inch horse dildo material is safe silicone. Very soft dildo, although large in size, it is very comfortable. Even the safe silicone is softer than a hard penis.The 9.64 inch horse dildo feels like hard gummy candy.
Finally, this horse dildo with strong suction cup is best riding sex dildo. Ride your horse dildo, enjoy a crazy riding sex with a horse. That is best sex experience.




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