10.82Inch Horse Sized Dildos


Material Silicone
Total Length 27.5cm/10.82inch
Insertable Length 22cm/8.66inch
Max Diameter 5.8cm/2.28inch
Weight 0.7kg/1.54lb

Horse Sized Dildos is Best Dildos for Big Cock Fetish

Sex toys are always popular all over the world. From the popular VR Sex to the small Anal Butt Plug, people have many choices in sex toys. But what about Animal Dildo? I think few people experience the joy of Animal Dildo, especially Horse Dildo. Horse Cock Dildo is specially for big penis lovers. Horse Dildo is completely according to the horse penis size. This long and thick animal dildo will bring you a filled orgasm.

10.82 Inch Horse Sized Dildos Features

  • Most Realistic Horse Cock Dildo Shape: The glans is flared. This is consistent with the shape of a real horse penis. Penis consists of two sections, one thick and the other thin. The surface has obvious and real vein texture. And the color of the lifelike horse penis testicles is very special.
  • Horse Dildo Dick with Strong Suction Cup: This horse penis has a very strong suction cup. It can be adsorbed on any smooth surface. Suction horse dildo is the best riding sex toys.
  • 10 Inch Long Horse Dildo: The Big Horse Penis is very slender. So, this horse penis is also the best deepthroat sex toys.
  • Color special design: This Horse Penis have two colors. The horse cock dildo body is pink. The testicles and suckers are dark gray with a snake pattern. The two colors match the design and look very delicate.
  • Healthy and Comfortable Silicone Horse Dildo: This Horse penis is made of high-grade silicone material. No unpleasant smell, no harm to the skin. It feels very comfortable.

Why So Many People Love The Fantasy Fetish and Horse Penis Sex?

According to reports, deem bestiality is legal in only some countries in the world. Other countries and regions have expressly prohibited bestiality.

But many people are still obsessed with sex with animal. The more forbidden things, the more people love it. Human nature is so.

In order to meet this demand, sex toy suppliers have introduced various types of animal dildos to satisfy fetishism. One of the most popular is horse penis. Of course, horse penis is more expensive than other types of animal dildo.

Because Horse dildo is generally larger. Like our 10 inch horse dildo, it is very long and heavy. According to the size of the horse.

But to be honest, when it comes to horses, people always think of its long and big cock first. The horse is famous for its giant penis.So,People are obsessed with the sexual pleasure brought by horse dildo.




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